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"LapianTiamo" Nonprofit Association is officially born 29 January 2013 with the aim to facilitate the therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis for patients affected by pathologies (like multiple sclerosis, cancer and many more) and - at the same time - provide support, information and ideas on how to tackle the hard path of these pathologies.

The Organisation is supported by other national and international movements and is supported by the collaboration of many doctors, lawyers, professionals and supporters who operate everyday - without any monetary profit - for the sole purpose of giving hope to those who are simply forced into a life of suffering.

Ricordiamo che LapianTiamo e’ organisation founded (and largely composed) by sick people and aim to help sick people, but needs everyone's help; everyone can make a difference.

You have a disease? You think that the use of cannabis could relieve suffering linked to a disorder that you can not cure?

Need information on Cannabis Oil, therapies with inflorescences or have heard about the use of cannabis to treat symptoms of a health condition?

We are willing to give advice of any kind: contatti di medici prescrittori e di farmacie che effettuano trasformazioni galeniche (oil, tinctures, capsule, creme…). Ma soprattutto, grazie al feedback dei pazienti che assumono, consigli utili su come avere un approccio ottimale a questa tipologia di terapie.

Support us and now you are part of our Pilot Project!

Non ti costa nulla e per avere risposta alle domande che cerchi ci impieghi solo pochi minuti!

Scarica sotto il Questionario 1-A e compilalo in tutte le sue parti. Fai le tue domande e riceverai una risposta con informazioni dettagliate per il tuo caso.

Questionario Per Pazienti Con Modulo Amico Speciale Usufruitore
Questionnaire for Patients With Special Friend Form usufruitore
Questionnaire for Patients with Special Friend Form Usufruitore.pdf
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Piano terapeutico prescrizione Cannabis terapeutica

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Fac simile prescrizione Cannabis (Bedrocan, Bediol e Bedrobinol)

FAC SIMILE RICETTA Bustine Filtro Cartine Capsule
FAC SIMILE RICETTA Bustine Filtro Cartine Capsule
FAC SIMILE RICETTA Bustine filtro cartine capsule.pdf
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Fac simile ricetta per trasformazione galenica in olio d’oliva

FAC SIMILE RICETTA Olio Cannabis.pdf
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By participating to the fundraising – the green button Donate Now – sosterrete l’Associazione LapianTiamo; a small symbolic gesture to help alleviate the suffering of so many sick.

The founders of LapianTiamo perform daily work of information without asking anything in return and with the spirit of volunteers who unites every ill, every family and every friend joined the Pilot Project.

Any donations and contributions received is well appreciated. It needs to continue on this path with serenity, to support all activities that LapianTiamo plays and sees participants now hundreds of patients across Italy who are able to achieve with our support both prescription medication.

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This 2017 It is born under a lucky star!

Infatti, between all news on medical cannabis nationwide, adding important events that reinforce the work done so far, such as the participation of Dr. Alessio Mercury, neurologist friend of LapianTiamo, at the Conference "Events over the SM" organized AISM Bari and to be held Saturday 14 January in the Aula Asclepios the Policlinico di Bari in Piazza Giulio Cesare 13 starting from 9:30 of the morning. By clicking on the poster next to you you can view the event program, remember, It is open to the public.

Among the biggest news we read also of Cannabis State now ready to arrive in Italian pharmacies, despite the total exclusion of associations and the sick as final recipients, only to be left entirely in the hands of pharmacists transformed by the Health Ministry in the "pusher authorized" to sell it always in inaccessible costs.

The entire project of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Florence Military, from the beginning, fell veils that have prevented a real control over the genetic selection, on methods of cultivation and the various steps that "should" guarantee the patient a quality product and the whole thing has been entrusted to the military that, paradoxically, Instead they pioneered the Pilot Project Puglia enough to convince President Michele Emiliano to approve during the last council meeting late last year Ranked # 290 of Law design 21/12/2016: "Therapeutic use of cannabinoid drugs in the framework of SSR, for the treatment of pain and terminal care, neurological diseases, chronic inflammatory, degenerative, autoimmune and psychiatric. Pilot project for the cultivation, Regional production and distribution of plant-based substances cannabis for therapeutic purposes ".

Within the bill you can read that "For the realization of this project the Regione Puglia signing a cooperation agreement with a different entity from the partners S.C.F.M. from Florence, as already identified as state-level production site and the subject partner is identified among the temporary associations of purpose (ATS) non-profit non-profit, consist University / University Departments of Puglia, Organizations with proven scientific, non-profit non-profit, and also the temporary association identified will have to cover the chain from cultivation to production, the regional distribution of substances of vegetable origin based Cannabis ".

Immediately after it is also reported "Before the regional project, l’A.T.S. identified must have the authorizations required under Articles. 17, 27 and 32 T.U. (both issued by the Min. of health) as well as that of the production consisted of active substances of plant origin (released by AIFA).

This battle that we follow to officially 4 LapianTiamo years as a source of many sacrifices lived in constant search of a scientific truth that can, ancora oggi, further knowledge about Cannabis and reduce false morality / prejudices, alas, still too rooted in the minds of many. And speaking of people who sacrifice and give their lives for an ideal, we can not but recall the recent and untimely death of Franco Shop, Strainhunter.

It is not easy to follow, to be sick, Who gets sick. Should be the "healthy" people to fight for those who are not good, or not? It 'a thought certainly common that we repeat for years ... and yet there have been (and perhaps there are) individuals who do not share this thought and if we talk about priorities tend to put on the top step other values.

In front of the chance to speak directly with regional and national institutions, each time following styles and logical that differ according to problems on the territory, but also with the 44 kilograms purchased from our local health thanks to the constant work of LapianTiamo and doctors who are prescribing in Puglia without fear of retaliation (In fact we do not see the reason!) we know we have achieved important goals and have really built a new Project, brick by brick, kilometer after kilometer, word after word without ever save breath. Suggesting solutions based on the personal experiences gathered over the years by our Association and patiently listening to the steps and obstacles to be faced, never perceived as insurmountable, we have acquired the necessary credibility and we have proposed important alternatives after meeting, always sick, the many realities of Spanish Cannabis Social Club, of Dutch Coffee Shop, of what is happening in many states in the U.S.. , garde of Canada, Israel, dell'Uruguay ...

Are we finally witnessing important implications, we feel comforted dall'affiancamento of the institutions and we see closer and closer the realization of the Pilot Project was born from the demands of all those who, with pathology, They have joined LapianTiamo filling in the questionnaires and participating in events all over Italy.

Thank you with my heart all those who agreed to participate in something new and that every day, even without knowing it, contribute to the work in the "penumbra" and silence of those who are pleased, like so many of us, alone with himself for what he does ... without feeling the urge to tell or post to receive a good (to pretend), a like (to pretend).

Probably still spend decades before returning to look with wonder and carefully observe the nature that, as a large container full of solutions, It puts to man what he needs to cure all their ills from the beginning of life on this planet.

Instead just go on the internet or in a specialty store (the typical herbal medicine or pharmacy country) to identify the variety and prices of some plants that contain useful active ingredients in commercially available observing abysmal differences type:

- 1 kg of dried lavender in bulk flowers € 24,90

- 1 kg of dried chamomile flowers in a € 59,42

- 1 kg Melissa dried at € 53,88

- 1 kg of dried Cannabis flowers for herbal tea from € 16.000

In many years of how many of us experienced the disease directly or indirectly do not feel tired? Tired of the black market, of Giovanardiani, the politically correct, the pusher, going to sleep with the usual thoughts of medicine. Who pays for the time spent in these years and still spend to make files in the wards of hospitals, Who ridonerà serenity to our families, Who really gives us a hand, and at the end, let's face it, but what do they want from us the Others?

Other good or those who are grumpy, who write laws and may not respect them, giving judgments hiding skeletons in the closets, clasping hands as bribes holding pens that have total power over our destiny!

Dressing gowns, tunics or gowns profession and perhaps boats in their weekend, they tell you good but if it was not for them a greeting on the street.

But in recent years the disease many of us dreamed not more?

So enough! One can not remain indifferent to the errors of history manipulated by evil minds and powerful. Errors which have an impact on the daily existence of millions of men and women who by choice, culture, religion or need love Cannabis without being free to do so and all of us in one way or another we will always be present, everywhere, in order not to turn away again by the return of this much-needed now so close plant.

we are participating actively to information architects, all, This evolutionary path ...

Here in Puglia, neighbors as we are at sea, rarely drops the snow ... and out, you know, it's snowing.

Special things happen, it was time…


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