"LapianTiamo" Nonprofit Association is officially born 29 January 2013 with the aim to facilitate the therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis for patients affected by pathologies (like multiple sclerosis, cancer and many more) and - at the same time - provide support, information and ideas on how to tackle the hard path of these pathologies.

The Organisation is supported by other national and international movements and is supported by the collaboration of many doctors, lawyers, professionals and supporters who operate everyday - without any monetary profit - for the sole purpose of giving hope to those who are simply forced into a life of suffering.

Ricordiamo che LapianTiamo e’ organisation founded (and largely composed) by sick people and aim to help sick people, but needs everyone's help; everyone can make a difference.

You have a disease? You think that the use of cannabis could relieve suffering linked to a disorder that you can not cure?

Need information on Cannabis Oil, therapies with inflorescences or have heard about the use of cannabis to treat symptoms of a health condition?

We are willing to give advice of any kind: contatti di medici prescrittori e di farmacie che effettuano trasformazioni galeniche (oil, tinctures, capsule, creme…). Ma soprattutto, grazie al feedback dei pazienti che assumono, consigli utili su come avere un approccio ottimale a questa tipologia di terapie.

Support us and now you are part of our Pilot Project!

Non ti costa nulla e per avere risposta alle domande che cerchi ci impieghi solo pochi minuti!

Scarica sotto il Questionario 1-A e compilalo in tutte le sue parti. Riceverai una risposta con informazioni dettagliate per il tuo caso.

Questionario Per Pazienti Con Modulo Amico Speciale Usufruitore
Questionnaire for Patients With Special Friend Form usufruitore
Questionnaire for Patients with Special Friend Form Usufruitore.pdf
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Piano terapeutico prescrizione Cannabis terapeutica

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Fac simile prescrizione Cannabis (Bedrocan, Bediol e Bedrobinol)

FAC SIMILE RICETTA Bustine Filtro Cartine Capsule
FAC SIMILE RICETTA Bustine Filtro Cartine Capsule
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Fac simile ricetta per trasformazione galenica in olio d’oliva

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By participating to the fundraising – the green button Donate Now – sosterrete l’Associazione LapianTiamo; a small symbolic gesture to help alleviate the suffering of so many sick.

The founders of LapianTiamo perform daily work of information without asking anything in return and with the spirit of volunteers who unites every ill, every family and every friend joined the Pilot Project.

Any donations and contributions received is well appreciated. It needs to continue on this path with serenity, to support all activities that LapianTiamo plays and sees participants now hundreds of patients across Italy who are able to achieve with our support both prescription medication.

Recent Posts

The uselessness of the useful idiots…

Agenda of commitments, within the limits of our capacity is such that they are physical or psychological, we always put first the need for dialogue and information to break down first of all personal prejudice against cannabis and its use in the medical field.
We did it by ordinary citizens with the disease in June 2012 alongside the Radicals in the House when we planted the seeds of Cannabis during a press conference as well as the Association of patients in subsequent years, coming to date, in every meeting held in institutional and government environments.
The decision to try to go to court in order to have recognized the right to cultivate plants selected through a controlled supply chain and “Progetto Pilota” It happened during the last year in office of the now former governor Nichi Vendola.
But taking a small step back, in the months preceding the coming of Reservoir Dogs, I am taken by the urgency (still present more than ever) the opportunity arose to buy a plot of almost 6.000 m through an agency that placed him for sale at reasonable price 7.000 Euro.

With a huge surprise and delight your dear friends of Turtlenecks and Enjoint.com offered through a donation of the figure 4.000 euro used for the down payment in anticipation of concluding the purchase and start a collective farming “on the field”.

we did not give, but we have come to terms with an ugly reality: the bad faith of persone.Purtroppo, the owners of the land and the agency have not yet been able to provide relevant documentation in order to allow the realization of a notary deed and conclusion of sales acts and why LapianTiamo proceeded to instruct a lawyer to represent them for the return of the deposit together with the costs related to a possible compensation. Returning to former President Vendola, it was always him to propose and to dispense advice, during a meeting held at the offices of the Puglia Region, on how to bring about a revolutionary system of cultivation and social distribution managed by associations with the supervision and support of the University and Institutions for guaranteed quality and affordable for all. A “Progetto Pilota” structured with the support of consultants, biologists and technicians of the sector composed of votes estimates for the realization of controlled and professional figures environments that, in anticipation of a boot, should pay regular service. On paper and at the behest of the Region Apulia lawyers and representatives of LapianTiamo we have given a name to this “entity” which in substance and for name it is still really “out”. A temporary form of Ltd. (never created before and therefore no examples to follow, apart from what happened back in Uruguay of the now former President Mujica) which provides for the mandatory inclusion of patient organizations, research bodies, university, common and institutions for a quality Cannabis able to replace those products that instead we are forced, with ASL, to import from Holland. A reality imagined by patients for patients, projected into the coaching and the inclusion of those who suffer in facilities and clinics with specialized medical therapeutic use of cannabinoids and rehabilitation to 360 degrees, under the supervision of someone who can provide transparency and Research.

And while the technicians were responsible and deal with the slow bureaucracy we pushed to make sure that cannabis was recognized as a plant with medicinal properties and not as a drug. We succeeded to the point of establishing a dialogue also with the new President of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, which in recent months has given highest availability to accelerate work to present to the Ministry of Health a request for initiation of the said Pilot Project. His collaborators received the request for starting work on a new Conference no longer focused on the therapeutic use but the appearance sociological and cultural, to continue the work of uninterrupted information and reach even more people in need to know the therapeutic aspects of this plant, are these sick, family members or doctors. We do not assume anything as demonstrated by the fact that it did not increase the number of prescribers although some regions have legislated in favor of the introduction of cannabinoid drugs for important therapies such as ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, i tumori…

And it must not take for granted that it is even impossible to meet, in the medical profession, young doctors (but also older ones) which from their pedestals emit judgments, develop ideas and assign ratings groundless to us that we handle not only our, but also the dramatic situations of those who confidently calls us or contact us.


Some of them make us smile and even for that we thank them.

We are aware of time passing, of how things seem to go slowly and as repeatedly it wrote there is no logic in this period of history that sees “useful idiots” (cit. Marco Pannella) travel kilometers to tell their “truth suppositories” (cit. Michele Salvemini Caparezza in art). The only kilometers that we like to tell are the ones who walk the sick people looking for prescribers, those who do us and those that we will have to do to reach all levels of knowledge such that we can one day a personal therapy management, with the right support of a doctor informed. Case by case, patient to patient.

With the base direct and continuous confrontation we will be able to keep high attention on therapies with Cannabis which today are showing amazing results in patients who fortunately manage to have free and open access. Much heavier and difficult is the situation instead of those who find themselves without the support of a prescriber, of those forced to still pay cannabis pharmacy to impassable costs, of those who do not want to resort to the black market and in spite of everything, illegally, prefer to put some plants in the home for their therapeutic use or that of a loved one.
Even of this and all that happens on a daily basis we will discuss in the next meetings to which we will be present at Naples on the occasion of the Congress of the Luca Coscioni scheduled for the end of September or the fair Hemp in Always show in Naples in mid-October.
To learn about the other stages continue to follow our profiles on social or contact us at the telephone numbers that appear in the section “contacts”.

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