"LapianTiamo" Nonprofit Association is officially born 29 January 2013 with the aim to facilitate the therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis for patients affected by pathologies (like multiple sclerosis, cancer and many more) and - at the same time - provide support, information and ideas on how to tackle the hard path of these pathologies.

The Organisation is supported by other national and international movements and is supported by the collaboration of many doctors, lawyers, professionals and supporters who operate everyday - without any monetary profit - for the sole purpose of giving hope to those who are simply forced into a life of suffering.

Ricordiamo che LapianTiamo e’ organisation founded (and largely composed) by sick people and aim to help sick people, but needs everyone's help; everyone can make a difference.

You have a disease? You think that the use of cannabis could relieve suffering linked to a disorder that you can not cure?

Need information on Cannabis Oil, therapies with inflorescences or have heard about the use of cannabis to treat symptoms of a health condition?

We are willing to give advice of any kind: contatti di medici prescrittori e di farmacie che effettuano trasformazioni galeniche (oil, tinctures, capsule, creme…). Ma soprattutto, grazie al feedback dei pazienti che assumono, consigli utili su come avere un approccio ottimale a questa tipologia di terapie.

Support us and now you are part of our Pilot Project!

Non ti costa nulla e per avere risposta alle domande che cerchi ci impieghi solo pochi minuti!

Scarica sotto il Questionario 1-A e compilalo in tutte le sue parti. Riceverai una risposta con informazioni dettagliate per il tuo caso.

Questionario Per Pazienti Con Modulo Amico Speciale Usufruitore
Questionnaire for Patients With Special Friend Form usufruitore
Questionnaire for Patients with Special Friend Form Usufruitore.pdf
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Piano terapeutico prescrizione Cannabis terapeutica

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Fac simile prescrizione Cannabis (Bedrocan, Bediol e Bedrobinol)

FAC SIMILE RICETTA Bustine Filtro Cartine Capsule
FAC SIMILE RICETTA Bustine Filtro Cartine Capsule
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Fac simile ricetta per trasformazione galenica in olio d’oliva

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By participating to the fundraising – the green button Donate Now – sosterrete l’Associazione LapianTiamo; a small symbolic gesture to help alleviate the suffering of so many sick.

The founders of LapianTiamo perform daily work of information without asking anything in return and with the spirit of volunteers who unites every ill, every family and every friend joined the Pilot Project.

Any donations and contributions received is well appreciated. It needs to continue on this path with serenity, to support all activities that LapianTiamo plays and sees participants now hundreds of patients across Italy who are able to achieve with our support both prescription medication.

Recent Posts

The biggest crime is to remain with our arms folded

With just a few days notice we started last Thursday 26 May for Rome invited to appear at the Chamber of Deputies at the House Judiciary Committee, under finding investigation regarding the examination of the proposed laws containing provisions on legalization of the cultivation, processing and sale of cannabis and its derivatives and have carried out the following hearings:

  • Patrick Gonnella, president of Antigone and the Italian Coalition for the Rights and Civil Liberties;
  • Riccardo De Facci, vice president of the National Coordination of the host community (cnca);
  • Ferdinand Ofria, professor of political economy at the University of Messina;
  • Carlo Alberto Zaina, lawyer;
  • Andrea Trisciuoglio e William Verardi, representatives of the association “LapianTiamo”;
  • Elisabetta Bertol, Forensic toxicology professor at the University of Florence;
  • representatives of the Italian Federation of the operators of departments and dependency services (Federserd);
  • representatives of the Italian Federation of Therapeutic Communities (Fict);
  • Italian representatives of the Association for the cure addictions (ACuDiPa);
  • representatives of the Community meeting Amelia

As we walked out from “palaces” we realized that finally is giving importance to what was done so far by LapianTiamo, the project of the Cannabis Social Club made by the sick and the sick. And in memory of Marco Pannella, who in many ways docet seen in its history, we brought again our sick body to the heart of politics… as well as once again we reiterated our motto “mutual aid between sick”. And’ It was also a satisfaction contact the current Department of Drug Control Policy remembering what was done to us with Serpelloni and Giovanardi, remember the game you used to do when we were kids when we screamed naval battle: “stricken! stricken! stricken… and then sunk!

We also heard almost sick and tired of the usual statements about cannabis dependency and comparable effects “alla LSD” and we heard so much about too many drugs almost cannabis was one of them. Today it is finally time to change course.

In the video you can review the intervention of LapianTiamo. Here is the original video link directly visible from the Chamber website: http://webtv.camera.it/evento/9526

Buona visione…

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